Schweiz Ärzteztg. 2021;102(47):1593

Dr. med., Facharzt für Allgemeine Innere Medizin, Mitglied FMH, Zürich

Publiziert am 23.11.2021

In those remote times, in the great forest, the animals declared an elderly lion to be a judge. In the quarrels the Lion gives the judgment and passes the sentence. The sentence is always the same. The loser receives twenty hits on his butt, from the Lion himself.
Once, one donkey sighted a lawn and started to eat the grass. One wolf passing, approached to the donkey and said: “Why do you eat this dried grass?” The donkey ­replied, that the grass was greenish and continued to eat. The wolf continued to repeat, that the grass was dry. The donkey didn’t change his opinion. So, they came to an argument.
Consequently, they decided to ask the Judge Lion for his ruling. The verdict was: “This grass is partly dry and partly yellowish, and the donkey is the loser.” However, the Lion started to strike the wolf. Between two strikes the wolf asked: “Why me?” And the Lion gave of the teaching of the Judge.
Never, ever try to persuade a donkey.
Dr. med. André Simon
Allgemeine Innere Medizin Dörflistrasse 14 
CH-8057 Zürich