Research Grant of the Swiss Society of Hypertension

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Bull Med Suisses. 2018;99(42):1453

Publié le 17.10.2018

Research Grant of the Swiss Society of Hypertension (SSH)

Grant to support hypertension research in Switzerland

The SSH is awarding every two years a research grant to support the Swiss clinical and experimental research in the field of hypertension and associated complications.
The conditions to apply and be granted a SSH research grant are the following:


Young Swiss graduates/scientists (MD or PhD), who are committed to research in hypertension.

Type of award

The award is designed to support a research project conducted in Switzerland or in an international institute by Swiss candidates. The research grant will be awarded to a candidate with a well-documented research project in the field of hypertension and associated complications (cerebral, cardiac, renal, vascular, metabolic …) to be conducted in an institution, where clinical or research training in hypertension or cardiovascular diseases is available to research fellows under qualified supervision.

Selection of Candidates

Selection of the candidates will be based on the scientific quality of their research project and supporting supervision, and will be determined by the review board of the Council of the Swiss Society of Hypertension.
Applications must be made by the researcher him-/her-self with a letter of support of her/his current mentor. In principle, one research grant will be attributed to a single candidate in a given year. However, the review board may decide to share the prize among two or more candidates. No candidate may receive the grant more than once. The same research project can receive only one award.


The candidate must be supported by a mentor, who will be responsible for guiding the candidate during the research project. All grants are awarded with the understanding, that the mentor will accept full responsibility for the research program, its supervision, and the completion and submission of the formal reports.


The following documents have to be included in the application: 
1. A complete updated, signed CV of the candidate. 
2. A signed updated CV of the mentor. 
3. A well-structured research project (see below). 
4. A letter of support of the mentor, indicating the conditions made available for the candidate to realize her/his research project. 
5. Where applicable, a certificate attesting the ability of the researcher to conduct clinical (GCP) or animal studies. 
6. If already available: the acceptation of the ethical committee or of the veterinarian authorities in case of experiments involving animals.

Template of the application

The research project (5 pages max., including references + 1 page summary + budget) should include the following items:
1. A summary of 1 page. 
2. The specific aims: briefly state the major goals of the project. 
3. The current state of research: brief description. 
4. Study design and description of inclusion/exclusion criteria for human studies and models for experimental studies. 
5. Methodology (including statistical plan and power of the study). 
6. Anticipated results and their significance: describe the significance for the discipline and prospects for future research. 
7. A description of the facilities and personnel to be involved. 
8. A budget for the use of the grant.
NB: Font size for the text: 11 pts, for the references: 10 pts. Max. references: 25.
The documents must be sent to: 
Swiss Society of Hypertension 
Dufourstrasse 30 
CH-3005 Bern 
Tel. +41 (0)31 388 80 78 (Mon, Wed and Thu) 
Fax +41 (0)31 388 80 79 
Deadline: applications must be received at the SSH office no later than December 31st 2018. Awardees will be informed in spring of the following year. The grant awardee will be invited to present his/her project at the Annual Assembly of the Swiss Society of Hypertension usually held during Annual Spring Meeting of the Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine.


The amount of CHF 25 000 will be payed to the awardee in two separate installments (each 50%), the second one after submission of an intermediary report. The entire amount must be used for the awardeed research project. No overhead will be payed.
Please find the entire announcement as well as the application form for the Research Grant on our website under

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